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 The Shepherd

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: The Shepherd    29 2015, 03:41

The Shepard

You know that you are not alone,
In streets or gardens, office, home.
Eyes in the darkness, a breath on the neck...
You sense it, dismiss it and then just forget.

Ill give you some water, a house, maybe bread
And watch you forever - a guide toward death.
Ill feed you, Ill herd you, Ill lay you to sleep,
Then praise you and raze you, thus making you meek.

I am your shadow, sealing your fates
I keep promising Poppins, giving out Bates.
You want your freedom? Here, take some lies!
There are no holes in my cunning disguise.

You Im watching from afar,
I am Power, you are stars.
I can see your universe,
Me you cant, a wicked curse.

Listen to them, dont be stunned.
These echoes roaring from your inner deep
As a great man roughly sung:
You know, youll follow me like sheep. This Shepherd never sleeps.

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The Shepherd
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