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Go down 
Азор Ахай
Азор Ахай

Age : 32
Брой мнения : 109
Location : Varna
Интереси : Art, music, history, mythology
Рейтинг : 6
Registration date : 12.12.2012

Wheel Empty
ПисанеЗаглавие: Wheel   Wheel EmptyСря 26 Дек 2012, 01:50

Over the rivers and the seas,
Far to the northern windy field
I dream of green hills, summer rain,
the light of hope in the new day,

I see old heroes brought to life
through ancient magic’s music call.
I see the Dragon leading them
to beat the hated ancient foe.

Under the moonless, starless sky
I heard their timeless battlecries,
I saw them against the enemy force,
I saw them swept away like flies.

And then I saw him - redhaired, bold,
His pride was new, his wisdom old,
And in the mirrors of his eyes
Reflected were all of his lives.

He drew his sword, stood up and yelled,
And then the enemies were felled,
And then he lead us on and on,
One for all and all for one,

We followed him into the mist,
We broke their line, we formed a fist,
Through the dark and on the way
To bring the light in the new day…

Copyright ©2012 Muse-of-Thor a.k.a Азор Ахай

* * *
На Коледа се случват чудеса, едно от тях е, че след година и половина отново прописах в мерена реч biggrin В очакване на "Спомен за Светлина" .
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